Lovables wish you an happy 2020!

It’s a year
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Colorful of new adventures,
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Happy New Year!


Yesterday, April 2nd 2019, was the “International Children’s Book Day” and for the occasion we visited the “Bologna Children ‘s Book Fair”, one of the most important events in Europe in the sector.

It is a fair with exhibitors from all over the world, full of appointments, workshops and seminars not only on traditional publishing, but also on new digital technologies and licensing.

We followed some very interesting seminars on branding, the digital world, and the conference “United Nation sustainable development goals book club: inspiring children to take action” by #sdgbookclub .

Let’s go home with new ideas and new projects.
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Hi! My name is Michele Mandelli and I work in the multimedia sector.

I came up with these characters about ten years ago, to use them in a cartoon. However, it is rather complicated to crete a cartoon by oneself and with a limited budget. So I started thinking about writing a book.

In 2015, I lost my job and so I became self-employed; I pulled the sketches and notes that I had created over the years out of my drawer and now I have finished this first illustrated book.

The book is called “It’s bedtime!” and it’s a story for children who are afraid of the dark.
This book is not only for your children, it is also for you: in addition to the story and the illustrations to read together with your child, you will find expert advice to help your children face their fears, together with practical, enjoyable examples.

I continue to pursue my project that also includes videos and apps!

I would like to introduce this project and make it grow thanks to the collaboration of people and crowdfunding.